Chinese Trees are some of the most beautiful around the world.

They involve Chinese Shade and Ornamental Trees. Many are evergreen and some have exotic blooms and color.

Below is the description of some of the types of trees.


The Juniper bonsai tree is by far the most popular genre of bonsai saplings used, as a result of the ease of growth and keeping alive. The branches of a Juniper have flexible branches, making it easy to shape and prune for both beginners and bonsai enthusiasts alike. Junipers are found all over China, making it easily obtainable and ready to prune.


The Chinese elm bonsai is another popular selling tree thanks to the beautiful leaves and the unique twisted tree trunk. This beautiful bonsai is strong, durable and flexible if you are a new to bonsai and forget to water or prune regularly. The Chinese elm adapts to either indoor or outdoor climates, which makes it an extraordinarily favorite choice for bonsai.


The third most well-known bonsai is a beautiful specimen with broad leaves that is ideal for pruning. The Ficus bonsai tree has a thick trunk and wide roots that adapt well to many environments. The strong wood should be kept indoors, which makes the bonsai popular for individuals who reside in the city and do not have room to grow trees outdoors.


The cypress bonsai trees are popular and may be found in the genus of pine and palm trees. The bonsai trees have thick green foliage, with a variety of branches that makes it the perfect bonsai for trimming and maintenance. Many like the cypress bonsai tree thanks to the unique beauty and exotic appearance.


The Satsuki Azaleas bonsai tree is a popular bonsai thanks to the beautiful flowers that bloom tight small flowers that are perfect for small plants. The plant blooms at least two times a year, makings it popular during those times. The marvelous bonsai tree can appear in a variety of colors and is considered to be a very feminine bonsai tree.

This Chinese tree list is made from a list of favorites bought in garden nurseries throughout China. There are many other exotic and beautiful trees that may be planted as a bonsai and have yet of being seen. Regardless of which magnificent Chinese plant that you chose, you are sure to have an excellent conversational piece!

Credit to Smoky Mountain Tree Service for the idea of the article.

Beautiful Chinese Trees

Bamboo and willow trees

In china, there are plenty of plant life and their beauty is unmatched. The famous bamboo that is eaten by panda, which is also a famous animal. In southwest China, bamboos hallmark the landscape. They are thin compared to other trees, which makes it easy to be swayed by the wind beautifully; thus, providing the environment an amazing landscape. On the other hand, willow trees are classic and feature in many Chinese paintings. These trees have branches that willow trees as they sway t the direction of the wind. They sway like bamboos and often found along shorelines of rivers and lakes. Their branches do droop over the water giving is an amazing appearance.

Pine trees and plum blossom

Pine trees are considered among the most beautiful Chinese trees and are often seen in traditional paintings. They grow crookedly from edges of rocks in mountains, particularly the Huangshan Mountain. They are estimated to be 1400 years old same as plum blossom, which is 200yrs older than pine trees. The plum blossom is a Chinese national flower that was selected owing to its resilient flower as it does not die easily for years. It is a strong statement that describes China as a strong and enduring country. Like other Chinese trees, there is a blossom tree that is estimated to be 1600 years old and produces flowers yearly. Additionally, Peonies are unofficial Chinese national flowers. Like the plum blossom, the peony is strong and survives under harsh conditions such as hot summers and cold winters. They are larger than plum blossom, which gives them an amazing look.

The Korean pine and Rhododendron trees

These trees are located in Khingan, Wanda, Zhangguangcai, and Taipingling mountains in Heilongjiang province. These trees are beautiful owing to their mix of broad and needle leaves, which makes them unique in china. They are popular trees used as ornaments in gardens and parks, as well as, providing architectural materials. These trees grow up to a height of forty meters. The Rhododendron forest is popular in Western Yunnan regions. The trees blossom producing the color of azaleas among other colors that makes landscape magnificent. The article can’t end without highlighting the fact that Bonsai tree is one of the oldest trees in China. The tree is found in Shunkaen region and it is known for its extreme age. The tree is expensive and well protected by its owner, Kobayashi who has received many awards. Many artists have created paintings in honor and remembrance of the tree.